Saturday, February 7, 2015

Reflections on Healing - 14 Days of Self Appreciation Challenge: Day 6

February 6th.  

My ultimate goal is to be happy with myself. I am striving to get to that place where accepting myself is a natural as breathing.

This is the step where I stumble.  I find it so easy to find things about myself that I am unhappy with. 

Today’s exercise therefore while exceedingly simple will also be exceedingly challenging.  I deserve to feel happy about who I am; my character and my nature, my accomplishments and my aspirations.  I should feel proud to affirm “this is ME!”

Today’s Ritual:  I’m Happy with Myself affirmation:

Step one: 
Read each of the statements in the list below. 

Sit with each statement for several moments and then I ask myself:

-   Do I believe this statement?
-   If not, what is holding me back from believing this statement?
-  What can I do to change this resistance?

Step two:
Write notes to myself:        
-    On positive situations where I believe the statement to be   true.
-    Areas of resistance and what course of action I need to take

Self Affirmation List 
-       I like myself
-       I trust myself
-       I know myself
-       I know what I want
-       I know what I need
-       I know what I have
-       I know what I know
-       I mean well
-       I try hard
-       I do good
-       I help
-       I heal
-       I hear
-       I love
-       I feel
-       I fall down
-       I stand up
-       I strive
-       I survive
-       I flourish
-       I thrive

Step 3:   Recite the positive list of affirmations to myself facing a mirror!

(Or recite the positive affirmations to a picture of myself, Or to an image that represents my inner child or inner goddess or inner mother etc.)

Step 4:  Meditate on the experience.  

How does this exercise empower me and affirm positive things about myself?

Renate Dundys Marrello 
2015 - 02 - 06 

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