Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hidden Tears - Poetry for P.E.A.C.E.

(Parents of Estranged Adult Children Everywhere)

I am in the process of compiling my poetry about the emotions of estrangement.  As I review and edit I will share some with you my dear readers.   If all goes well this book will soon be ready for print.

What is grief?

Anguish upon awakening
Bemoaning what’s lost
Can you imagine?
Desolation and despair
Energy that evaporates
Feeling of isolation

Gloom and doom
Hurting with heartbreak
Injury to mind
Jaded viewpoint

Keening cry crescendos
Lamenting future lost
Melancholy overtakes me
Nobody can fathom
Overwhelming agony of
Pain filled days

Quiet nights weeping
Regrets and remorse
Sadness and sorrow
Torturous mind speak

Unwelcome painful reminders
Vex my remembering
Wretchedness my companion
Xiphoid stab wounds
Yet life continues
Zombie like walking

© Renate Dundys Renate Dundys-Marrello
2013 – 03 - 14
Scotland - Edinburgh - "Climbing Arthru's Seat"

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  1. Keep at this Renate! Many hearts beat with yours, including mine.