Thursday, January 24, 2013

Filling the Blank Slate

Dedicated to Peter King  with thanks and gratitude!

Sometimes an event occurs in your life that makes you sit back and reevaluate your perspective.  I had such an event happen today.  It was in the form of a message from a stranger who took the time to comment on some of my reflections.  This person, though experiencing his own challenges in life, reached out and sent me a message and I want to thank him and let him know I heard it!

I have been working on moving forward but always with one foot in the past.  I have been working on recovering inner peace, but always with an eye on the triggering event that changed the course of my life.  I have been going through the motions of making changes but always with the hope that maybe things could be healed and go back to the way they were.

Today, I was reminded in a most dramatic way that there is no going back.  There is no undoing.  There is no rewind.  You can not affect the story of the past.  Every step that has brought me to this point is a completed chapter.  I can re-read it but I cannot change it. 

The only direction that I have any control over is where I choose to face today. I can only chart a course for a future that I am committed to embracing wholeheartedly.  And there my responsibility ends.  I have no mystical power to change anyone else’s heart just by wistful dreaming. 

The most positive impact I can have on my life is in the form of my own inner development.  How I create my character, and chose to define myself after walking through the fires of life is an act of courage, defiance and ultimately is empowering.

A future crossing of paths with people from my past may or may not be an option.  In accepting who I am, even while in the process of refining those qualities I most aspire to, I will be taking steps to becoming the best possible me.  That is the only person I have the power to chart a course for.  That is the person that will face the future courageously regardless of the obstacles and challenges placed before me.

The actions I take may not change but the focus will.  Instead of using activity as a means to run away from facing what has been lost, I can start to embrace my adventures as something to fill my life with and have twice the fun!  FROM TODAY I AM GOING TO LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL, FOR MYSELF AND FOR PETER .

Renate Dundys Marrello

2013 – 01 - 19

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