Friday, June 10, 2016

My Daily Reflection: Who loses when you heal?

When a demeaning action of another person brings you down, you have to work very hard to establish once again in your own mind that you do have value and that there is nothing inherently wrong with you. 

It is a very hard journey to return to that pace where you KNOW you are worthy even when others don’t appreciate your worthiness.

It is all too easy to allow a critique (whether by word or by action) to wormhole its way into your subconscious mind and before you know it you are demeaning yourself!  You start questioning your value because someone else did not take the time to understand you and rather found it easier to point out what they consider to be a fault in you. 

A healing journey is really a way of discovering / or rediscovering your worthiness in the face of criticism and others finding fault with you, often simply because you had the audacity to have a different point of view.

Some people will feel threatened by this healing journey of yours and will even go so far as to criticize you for the energy you spend on your own healing.  Can you imagine this, being called a selfish for spending time and effort on personal empowerment through healing.

What do they really fear? 
I believe they fear that in coming to believe in your own worthiness you will no longer be such an easy target. 
They fear you will now stand up for yourself. 
They fear the personal power you are gaining.

And who really has the most to lose? 
Those who like being in control. 
Those who bully their way through life pointing out other people’s faults. 
Those who get a secret pleasure seeing others diminished. 

No wonder they resent your spending so much time on your own healing.  They know that your healing means they have been exposed and they no longer have the power to control and manipulate you.

I have come to believe that those who protest the most against the time you spend healing yourself are the ones with the most to lose by your victory.

Renate Dundys Marrello
2016 - 06 - 10

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  1. I just discovered your blog,your words are so powerful and empowering,I can tell you've spent a long time healing and exploring,I would love to know what gave you strength to help you pull through,positive affirmations?Some days are just hard to pull my boot straps up!

  2. Thank you for your feed back Lori,
    Some days I feel there is no strength just determination. Determination to not allow myself to remain in the events of the past that I have no control over.
    I have built myself a "healing routine" that I follow everyday to keep me on track. I read everything I can about grieving and healing and learning about people. Basically I live one day at a time charting my course day by day.
    Meditation, mindfulness, spirituality these are some of the things that keep me connected to the present moment which is where living happens. It also helps that I have a hobby that keeps me engaged, I travel and record my travels with photos and a blog.
    If you read some of my other writings you know that I struggle with the difficulty of healing. I totally agree, some days are so very hard.