Saturday, April 18, 2015

Advice for my Grandson - Choices

Life is about making choices.  

Each day we are faced with a decision about how we are going to face the challenges of that day.  And in the choices that we make we determine the energy we bring to the day.  Will it be positive energy or will it be negative energy?

The same choices apply to how we come to our relationships!  

- Will we bring positive energy to them or negative.  
- Will we build the relationship up or will be tear it down?  
- Will we see the person as bad, or as a good person who made a mistake?  
- Will help the other person up when they stumble and fall, or will we hurl stones at then while they are down?

The choices we make with regard to our relationships determine the nature of that relationship.
You cannot expect a relationship to survive and grow if you are putting negative energy into it.
You cannot injure a person and expect them to embrace you with affection

The choices you make today and the actions you take based on those choices determines the tapestry of your relationships in the future.

Will it be whole?
Will it be full of holes?

The choice is yours. 

Always remember that what damages have been done in the past are often difficult to repair in the future so be careful about what you choices you make. 

Your Mamma-rae

"Advice for my Grandson" is a series of letters I write to my grandson because as an estranged parent I have been deprived of the opportunity to share advice with him in person.  These are things I imagine a young person needs to learn to become a well rounded kind and loving human being.  As I get older I realize that there is all kinds of stored up knowledge of the lessons that life teaches us and these are the gifts I would give to my grandson.  He is always in my thoughts and someday, through this legacy he will know how much love I had to share.
Renate Dundys Marrello 

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