Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Reflection on the wisdom of proverbs

When I was young I was told "don't put all your eggs in one basket".  Yet I figured I knew better than old proverb.

As a parent, over my parenting life time, what did I do?  I put all my eggs into the "family basket".  I figured if I just worked hard enough at protecting that one basket all would be well.  I did not cultivate enough other friendships or other interests.  Everything was about family, their needs and their wants, where did they want to go, what did they want to do, that was always my first concern.

Life has a way of teaching us when we don't listen to the wise words of our elders.  When I put all my eggs into the mother / family basket I neglected to find different eggs and make other collections.  My shelf of baskets and eggs contained only that one BIG all important basket. 

Then one day, when my daughter stole that basket and walked away with it , I was left holding nothing... my cupboard was bare.  I had no other resources to bolster me through the devastation that I felt.  When I lost that one all-important basket I thought for a long time that I had lost everything.

Now, I can yearn for the basket that has been stolen but have started new baskets and I have begun collecting new eggs.  My life is quiet full.  I have even found a way to create a new family basket with the eggs that escaped and the eggs that have been returned. 

I still miss the basket that was stolen.  I deeply miss the newest addition to that basket, my grandson.   However, I have come to a place of accepting that my family egg basket will always be half empty, and yet, that it is okay to enjoy to the fullest my other baskets.

The universe taught me an important lesson, respect the wisdom of the elders, those who said “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”; they knew what they were speaking about. 

I wonder if they too learned that lesson the hard way like I did?

Renate Dundys Marrello

Blogged 2015 – 04 – 19

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