Saturday, November 1, 2014

Reflections on my memories of my Dad on All Saints Day.

Today is All saints day

I honour the memory of my father and my grandparents and even all the ancestors that I know so little about.  They are the reason I am here today. 

Their lives are reflected in me through their genes and the teachings of my father.  The stories, that are remembered and passed on, of the hardships of his childhood and youth remind me that even out adversity a noble heart can be forged.
My dad only had a little time to spend with me because he was so busy making a living to support our family.  And yet when I pause to reflect back I remember all kinds of little moments that are precious memories. 

My memories with him are fleeting glimpses into my past:

  • Helping him cook Sunday breakfast 
  • Lounging on the sand while spending the day at Wasaga Beach
  • Cold winter days when he drove me to school before going to work. 
  • Shoveling snow together and the time he had to crawl out of the “milk box” because the snow was so high piled against the door he could not open it.
  • Skating on Grenadier Pond 
  • Sunday afternoons in the living room watching Walter Cronkite and Ed Sullivan
  • Following the first moon landing together 
  • Listening to him sing “Waltzing Matilda!"
  • Summer days at the “garage” helping him work on cars and sharing lunch on the car seat benches in the lunch room
  • Him falling asleep on Christmas Eve because he was so exhausted from working so long and hard
  • He taught me to build bird houses and how to paint.
  • He made me a swing in the back yard and taught me now to swing.
  • He taught me to ride my bicycle and later how to drive a car.
  • He was patient even when I messed up and even when angry at what I had done helped me to grow and learn from the opportunity.  
  • He taught me by his example what it is like to be uncomplaining, to make the best of difficult circumstances.
  • He was always smiling and joyfully approached his work and the chores around the house.  
  • He gave me the gift of music and the opportunity to learn to play the accordion.  He nurtured in me the perseverance needed to get good at playing and helped me find the discipline for daily practice.
  • He taught me how to be loving and kind, generous and forgiving. 
Thank you Dad – I miss you!   I hope you are proud of me and the way I have tried to follow in your footsteps. And I pray that someday my own children will remember the good moments that we have shared.

Renate Dundys Marrello 
2014 - 11 - 01 

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